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The Death Dhamma Podcast

Aug 19, 2021

In my family, death has been about cancer and heart disease. There are people whose lives end due to racial violence or because of poverty and a lack of access to healthcare. What some of us might consider an untimely death is an everyday occurrence in someone else's world. 

We see unjust deaths occurring every day. Far too often, they are the result of social injustice. And it is not enough to see this as someone’s karma coming to fruition.

Do not look on those who are less fortunate from a place of superiority, thinking, “This is their experience because they have bad karma; they earned it.” If you live a life in which you have the time to practice and to prepare for death, you are privileged.

If you help to create a world in which others can have a better life path, you are also helping them with death.