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The Death Dhamma Podcast

Apr 18, 2022

When Hector Marcel claims that he is a rebellious Buddhist, what he means is that he does not want to recite texts or cling to dogma. He wants to help us experience living Buddhism. In his own journey, Hector felt his practice flow purely when he received the call. You know, the call where you learn that your beloved mother is dying. At that time, he had been practicing for over twenty years and living with all of those small deaths that impermanence brings. And he knew that what really mattered was using his Buddhist practice to see his mother through to the end, in a way that gave her dignity and peace. He practiced a very purposeful form of loving-kindness. During our time together, in his purposeful and skillful way, Hector teaches me about the importance of bliss, walks me through emptiness, and reminds me of the importance of karma and intention. He is such a warm and caring example of what happens when you study Buddhism with your heart and your mind.

And there it is, experiential Buddhism with a side of joy and laughter.

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