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The Death Dhamma Podcast

Jul 4, 2022

     Imagine finding yourself in a strange building, in a strange land, with strangers who know you – yet you do not know them. This is one of the many challenges faced by Lama Rinzen, the protagonist of Jim Ringel’s book, 49 Buddhas: Lama Rinzen in the Hell Realm.

     Being thrown into a new life is an excellent way to make friends with impermanence. Although he is still a Tibetan Buddhist Lama, and still on a quest to bring enlightenment to all beings, Lama Rinzen must come to understand the people and the culture around him and uncover the lessons that the hell realm holds for him.

     Discussing the character development of Lama Rinzen with Jim Ringel was an interesting and rewarding way to learn about his Tibetan Buddhist practice and his beliefs around reincarnation, life, death, and impermanence.

     If you would like a new way to learn about Tibetan Buddhism, the ego and the perception of others, versus our own perceptions, and of course, impermanence, consider reading 49 Buddhas: Lama Rinzen in the Hell Realm. It’s a crime story that is full of Buddhist teachings.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Crime Mysteries wrapped inside Buddhist mysteries
  • The intricacies of reincarnation
  • The longest continuous street in the United States
  • An interpretation of Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form
  • The various realms and how we might navigate them
  • The idea that we are energy that is always changing

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