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The Death Dhamma Podcast

Jun 9, 2022

Impermanence reminded Sophie Jacobs of the importance of her intuition, and that one central question. What matters most? And this also led her to wonder how to best be in alignment with her true self.

She seems to come from a place of really meeting impermanence and leveraging it to help herself really consider what is most important? And how can she work to be in alignment with what is most important?

Sophie's experience teaches us that

 - Sometimes impermanence is a gift. This was true when she was interviewing for a job and did not get that job. But what she did get was the opportunity to live with Buddhist nuns in a monastery, and really deepen her practice.

-Insight practice can be more valuable than your college education. 

Speaking with Sophie was a terrific reminder that each day we have the opportunity let impermanence be our teacher.

Handle what comes with equanimity and answer the central question, "What really matters?"