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The Death Dhamma Podcast

Apr 21, 2022

After spending time with Hector Marcel, one of my biggest takeaways was the sense of being in the presence of someone who is joyfully in his practice.  This overall feeling of sharing a space with a person who is willing to discuss the challenges we face with impermanence and suffering and who like the rest of us continues to work with the rising and ceasing of sadness or loneliness or joy. But approaches it with exuberance and hope.

Hector wants us all to be able to draw upon our Buddhist practice to understand the source of our own suffering. To recognize that when sadness or loneliness or even happiness arise, these emotions have come from our own creation.

The Buddha could not make anyone become enlightened. And Hector cannot make us understand and adopt the teachings.

I cannot force you to make friends with death. We each must do the work ourselves. In the past I have said, there is no magic no-suffering silver bullet.  What we can do is work on who and how we are.