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The Death Dhamma Podcast

Jun 23, 2022

**** Please be advised, in this episode I refer to a story that Ken told that involves discussing an individual being arrested, and how a family member was attacked while this person was in jail. Please be aware and proceed in a way that best supports your emotional and mental health. Thank you. ****

Toward the start of our discussion, Ken says to me:

“I like to say that I'm at home in anyone's church however I think that there are great lessons to be learned from the teachings of Buddhism…”

What a nice way to respect the traditions of others while acknowledging what best supports him on his path.

Coming from a background of trauma, divorce and difficult experiences from serving in the military and as a police officer, Ken reconciles martial arts with Buddhist philosophy. In fact, he offers help to others through his work at Everyday Samurai –

He has his own traumas that he reflects on. And he thinks deeply about how his karma has intersected with others.

It is important for all of us to find a way to process trauma, and Ken has found his path in the teachings of Shinzen Young. Specifically, a framework called Unified Mindfulness.

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