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The Death Dhamma Podcast

Nov 16, 2022

     What is Reiki? And what are the true origins of Reiki? Join Margaret Meloni as she speaks with Michaela Daystar in a special season 2 bonus episode of the Death Dhamma Podcast.

     Michaela Daystar of Heartscapes ( provides comprehensive Reiki education in a trauma-informed and respectful way.

She is true to the Japanese origins of Reiki. 

     Michaela serves in this world by supporting individuals who are here to contribute. She is a support system to those who would help the rest of us. 

And Reiki is how she helps others heal from the inside out so that they can take their trauma and their brokenness and use it as fuel to keep following their passion.

She uses her skills to heal them so that they can heal us.

     If you want to get to know Reiki beyond the concept of energy healing. If you wonder what Reiki has to do with Buddhism, this is a great place to start.