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The Death Dhamma Podcast

Jun 6, 2022

Impermanence, bring it on! Within two years, Sophie Jacobs handled almost ALL of the big life changes.

  • Graduate
  • End a relationship
  • Start a new job
  • Lose your home in a fire
  • Leave your job
  • Live in a monastery
  • Leave the monastery

MOST of us do not have our homes burned to the ground in a fire, and MOST of us do not become monastics.

All of this took place during the COVID pandemic. Nothing went as planned.

Each of these changes led Sophie back to the same question, “What really matters?,” and “What do I know to be true in my heart?”

And as she searched for a new job, she also found herself searching for a monastery to live in. And it occurred to her, that this was the time, to take a break away from the ‘hustle culture,’ if not now, then when? She describes it like this, “…everything is kind of falling apart in your life and is creating this huge open space for you and so if not now when…there's always going to be the next thing that's preventing you from doing an experience like this.”

And so she did go to live with some Theravāda Buddhist nuns.

Listen in as Sophie shares with us about:

  • Her relationship with her intuition
  • Being in alignment with her true self
  • Her experiences with meditation and her mind
  • Why being a monastic was not right for her

You will definitely want to keep in touch with her. I look forward to her upcoming book, currently titled Elemental Knowing.

Connect with Sophie: