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The Death Dhamma Podcast

Jul 18, 2022

You cannot remind yourself of anicca or impermanence too many times. If you go throughout your day repeating anicca over and over again, that would only be a good thing.

And meditation and mindfulness of impermanence are both important. To really KNOW is to know suffering. And no self. Wendy explains that impermanence, suffering, and no self are really the three rings of the existence that we swim in. Or the existence that we can be stuck in.

In our time together, Wendy generously explains why there must be an experiential element to our Buddhist practice. She gently teases us, reminding us that even the awareness of impermanence is impermanent. And she reminds us of the necessity of compassion.

If we are here, we are on a healing journey. We might not know our journey yet.

While explaining this and so much more, Wendy tells her own story – of being in teacher training and receiving a phone call that took her from the conceptual to the experiential.

Join me in extending a deep bow to Wendy for sharing with us on the Death Dhamma podcast.